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Das machine control is nicht fur gerfinger-poken und mittengrabben. Oderwise is easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowen fuse, und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Der machine is diggen by experten only. Is nicht fur geverken by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseenen keepen das cotten picken hands in das pockets, so relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights.

Mock-German sign featured in about half the computer rooms in the English-speaking world, ~1980 onwards

I’m an Australian photographer based in London, UK. I take photos of people, places and, when I can, the parkour and freerunning community.

I practice Parkour, a discipline originating in France involving efficient movement through the built environment. Practitioners develop physical and mental skills to overcome obstacles, and challenge themselves to find new paths through urban structures.

I love exploring odd corners of the world and trying to record what I see.


Parkour changes how you see your environment: urban structures become new playgrounds, areas for creative expression.


In 2011, I participated in the Mongol Rally – an unsupported 16,000km rally from London to Mongolia with two mates in an entirely unsuitable vehicle, all in the name of raising money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. This group does fantastic work helping kids in developing countries get a better start in life. There’s a heap more photos and a lot of fantastic writing (courtesy Cameron, our team blogger) over at

In 2013 I rode through Siberia with my brother Guy on antique Russian motorbikes. In winter. Contrary to the expectations of our family and friends, we did manage to survive both the cold (hitting lows of around -35 celcius, which I understand is “tropical”) and giant meteorites falling to earth, thankfully a few hundred kilometres away. Again, check out our blog over at

In 2014 I crossed Eurasia on my motorbike: from Magadan in eastern Russia all the way to Lisbon in Portugal – via Japan, Mongolia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria and western Europe. Check out my blog at

Snowstorm in Moscow, Russia

Repairing our Skoda, Mongolia

After faithfully transporting us more than 15,000km through 16 countries, our 2003 Skoda Fabia broke down less than 400km from the finish line after an unfortunate encounter with some pointy rocks. The locals made a valiant effort to repair her, but sadly we ended up having to hitch a ride to the capital Ulanbaatar.

Tehran, Iran

Ice Roads, Siberia, Russia

Camping in the snow, Siberia, Russia

Altai Mountains, Russia

Ice Roads, Siberia, Russia


I'd love to help you get some great photos for your party, corporate function or crazy-insane obstacle race.

Give me a call or shoot me an email and I would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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